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Join us for a free show from two of DMSC’s favorite groups, Jack Lion and MarKaus - featuring live visuals in the Kum and Go Theater.

Jack Lion
Jack Lion’s members unearth the early ’00s interest in connections between jazz and electronic music and refashion it for the current era. Striking a balance between jazz composition, down-tempo break-beats, and hazy atmospherics they have made their mark as one of Iowa City’s headiest and most adventurous bands.

"Hip-Hop is the language of the people, the voice of your soul. Anyone breathing should take it in naturally. “
When Media Fresh took the stage at Wooly’s at the DMMC’s GDP Music festival last year they made serious waves. With an under-represented hip-hop scene in Des Moines, the young hip-hop collective stood out, but none more so than its founder MarKaus.
Since then the 25-year-old MC has been hard at work on his solo debut “White Man's Burden,” which was released July 4th. Over the past year MarKaus worked with a handful of producers and recorded nearly 100 songs before settling on the 18 tracks that made it on the album. It sounds like an impossible feat, but to MarKaus it’s a natural part of his process. He’s always writing and records regularly. It helps that he has a steady stream of producers and friends sending him beats to work with.

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